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Alf: The Complete Season 2 DVD


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Product Description:
A well-crafted family comedy about a fuzzy space alien who crash lands into the lives of the Tanner family- Alf Season Two spoons up a second serving of 26 episodes as deliciously witty as the first. The diminutive- sardonic Alien Life Form from planet Melmac (voiced by Paul Fusco) becomes an integral (and unabashed) part of the Tanner family in the sitcom-s second season of its four-year run (1986-1990)- with many of the storylines maximizing Alf-s impish onstage chemistry with Willie (Max Wright). Alf is more outspoken this year and viewers will relish the nostalgic romps through his Alien Relocation Program- Melmacian hiccups- and brief stint in a monastery. Alf hosts the David Letterman show- rides the rails with -Boxcar Willie-- recites his own rendition of -Born Free-- and protests his house arrest on -Alfcatraz.- The storylines continue to be fresh thanks to a team of seasoned writers- several of whom are new to the show this season. Alf remains a gem in the -80s lineup of family sitcoms by striking a near-perfect chord between kid-friendly kitsch and subtle adult humor. Alf never stoops to vulgarity; rather- the program remains a wacky- eclectic view of humanity through the eyes of an alien—who takes neither life form very seriously. Don-t miss the program-s highlight- -Ballad of Gilligan-s Island-- when Alf builds a lagoon in his backyard- morphs to Gilligan-s Island- and gets a reality check on the definition of -fun-- with cameos by the renowned cast of Bob Denver- Alan Hale- Russell Johnson- and Dawn Wells. The four-disc set includes two animated episodes.
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