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BeFit: 30-Day Butt Lift DVD, Workout, Fitness


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Product Description:
Shape your backside like never before by following this super-effective 30-Day Workout Plan and get the lean- sculpted lower body you-ve always wanted with six unbeatable butt-shaping workouts featuring fitness experts Alicia Marie and Courtney Prather. In just 30 days- these 10-minute routines will slim- contour- and firm a sexy booty with a unique blend of target-toning strength- cutting-edge cardio- and ballet- and yoga-inspired workouts. (You will need a mat- chair and a set of light hand weights. Refer to the 30-Day Workout Plan included with the DVD for your daily workout.) WORKOUT BREAKDOWN: Tone- Up (12 min.): Blast fat with booty-focused moves to tighten the abs- tone the legs- and sculpt a lean and lifted butt. Booty Booster (10 min.): Shed inches while toning sexy buns- legs- abs and arms with a powerful series of cardio-infused moves. Firm Extreme (9 min.): Reshape your rear with ballet-inspired moves that target-tone the booty while sculpting the core- thighs and calves. Fat-Burning Cardio (10 min.): Kick your fat burn into high gear with body-toning cardio to trim and tighten the butt- thighs and waistline. Booty Yoga (10 min.): Slim your hips- abs and thighs with a yoga-inspired workout that super sculpts the booty. Dance Fit Buns (10 min.): Blast away calories and shape a firm and beautiful booty with an advanced series of dancerinspired exercises.
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