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History Classics: Decoding the Past DVD


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This 4-disc set includes: The Bermuda Triangle - Can the latest science available today finally lay to rest the mysteries of the Triangle? Mysteries Of The Garden Of Eden - Sift through the evidence to decode an age-old mystery about how paradise was lost- and where it might be found... Nazi Prophecies - We expose the prophecies throughout history that foresaw the rise and fall of Hitler and the Third Reich... The Real Sorcerer s Stone - Was the search by the alchemists of the Middle Ages for immortality on sound scientific ground and did some- as is still rumored- actually succeed? Secrets Of The Dollar Bill - A look at the more intriguing threads of meaning and symbolism at play in the dollar bill-s design and how it has changed through the ages... Secrets Of The Playing Card - An extraordinary story that reveals the mysteries and meanings of the humble playing card that is intimately entwined with the occult- voodoo- and man-s fascination with mystical beliefs... Unraveling The Shroud - Despite centuries of scrutiny from scientists- theologians- and art historians- the Shroud of Turin has remained a three-and-a-half by fourteen foot enigma... The Spear Of Christ - Follow one of the world-s most holy relics on its two-thousand-year journey down through history.
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