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Jane Fonda Prime Time: Trim - Tone & Flex DVD (2011) Jane Fonda; Cal Pozo


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It-s time to Trim Tone & Flex! As we age- it is so important to stay active- strong and flexible. Toning and stretching the body promotes weight loss and also protects our bones- reduces jont stress and increases brain function. Both my upper- and lower-body workouts build lean- healthy and supple muscles. And- they are fun to do! Try these 20-minute workouts a few times a week and you-ll be healthier- stronger and feel great! Onward- Jane Program Description: Upper Body: 20 minutes: Prime the body with joint-lubricating moves- then we-ll sculpt and slim the arms- shoulders- back and belly using weights and balance exercises. Finish with flexibility stretches to improve range of motion. Lower Body: 20 minutes: Loosen up with gentle joint rolls before we work all the major muscles of the legs- hips and buttocks with seated and standing exercises sure to tone and trim. End with safe and soothing stretches for optimal flexibility. Bonus! 10-minute relaxation program to quiet the mind and releive stress A towel- chair and a set of light weights are recommended.
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