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The History Channel Presents The Crusades - Crescent & The Cross dvd


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The Christian invaders were regarded as infidels. The Arabs were scorned as lawless pagans. The Westerners saw their quest as literally a sanctified crusade- while the Muslims launched their own holy war- called a jihad- in retaliation. Sound familiar? It should- because although the events depicted in the History Channel-s The Crusades - Crescent & The Cross took place nearly a thousand years ago- they are but a distant mirror to what-s going on in the Middle East right now. This two-part- three-hour program- released here on two discs (the second includes over an hour of bonus material)- impressively details all three Crusades- starting in the late 11th Century- when Pope Urban II dispatched a huge force to reclaim Jerusalem- which had been under Muslim control for some 400 years. For the knights and others who made the journey- it was a noble spiritual quest- not to mention an escape from Europe-s petty wars and famines; in the end- the fact that many of them were greedy butchers who murdered Muslims- Jews- and even other Christians indiscriminately (sometimes even eating the flesh of the vanquished) detracted not at all from their conviction that they were acting in the name of God. Of course- so were the Muslims- who- after the bloody first crusade succeeded in seizing the holy city- mounted a massive counterattack under leaders like Nur al-din and his son Saladin- who managed to take back Jerusalem (from whence Mohammed was said to have ascended to heaven) and hold on to it through the failed second and third crusades- the latter led by England-s Richard the Lionheart.All of this is presented by way of techniques that will be recognizable to History Channel buffs.
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